About Us

Deep in the green Kent Countryside, an oddlettologist and a mad goblin study, rescue, research, rehome and generally tinker with the wonderful, whimsical world of Oddletts and Weirdlings.

So what are oddletts and weirdlings? These fantastical creatures are the beings that exist just on the edge of reality, revealing themselves to only those that truly wish to believe. They come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments , from the tiniest micro pixie, to the largest of snow trolls. As oddlettologists, we have made it our mission to learn all we can about these mysterious creatures and their magical environments and share them with the wider world so that you too can enjoy their wonder.

I am Tawny El, the chief oddlettoloigist here at the emporium and my long suffering companion and helper is the Mad goblin, and we invite you to join us on our journey through the world of oddlettology.

What we do


We create and sell magical and mystical inspired art work and prints. All our art work is from the mind and hands of Tawny El and produced as short run reproduction Art prints and greetings cards. We will often have mixed media and one of a kind pieces available.

Our inspiration comes from fantasy, folklore, magic and  witchcraft with a dash of whimsy and a dollop of strange.


Our collectables are all produced by hand by us in the Emporium head quarters. We sell a range of short run resin cast reproductions of Tawny's original sculpts along side various one of a kind sculpted and fabricated pieces. We work in a variety of mediums including polymer clay, cosclay and resin and we hand paint and hand finish every one of our items so that no 2 pieces are ever the same. Our items range from wearable art to display pieces and sculptures, often incorporating natural ingredients and materials.


Many of our items come with their own collectors card and gift box making them great for fun and quirky presents. While many of our stock items are replicable and made to order, we can also take commission requests for that extra special unique item. We can also offer customisation on some items such as paint scheme and finish.  Please contact us either via facebook or using our contact us form to find out more