What's that rustling in the trees? Is it just freshly fallen snow slipping through the branches or is it something more ominous? Part monster, part snowball, these ferocious frosty fellows like to hide in the snow laden boughs of winter trees waiting to drop on unsuspecting passers by.
Hand sculpted from 'snow' (super light air drying clay) with polymer clay 'candy cane' horns and decoration. Each bauble is unique and comes with it's own descreet metal loop and thread for easy display.
They have been hand painted and coated in a frosting of sparkling 'snow' ( the photos just don't capture how sparkly they really are!)
These little guys are more than just a decoration, they are a whimsical wintery art display piece, this does mean they are quite delicate and this makes them unsuitable for children.
These small Abominabubles are sold individually and ready for immediate dispatch, Each creature is one of a kind, so catch them while you can.
They measure approximately 30mm across and are very light weight. Not suitable for outdoor usage.

Abominabaubles - Small

  • As much as possible we try to source ethical and sustainable products to produce and package our wares. Some items used in their production may be upcycled or second hand, natural items that have been dried and previously used packaging. Here at the Emporium we do not send anything to landfill if we can avoid it. The upshot of this is your package may look like it has been posted out before, in these cases it probably has! Rest assured that we will never use a substandard box only a preloved one.

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